A lot of different factors go into web design. This is why it is such an exclusive skill, and why it is so often done badly. However, the most important thing to keep in mind is that each and every element and design choice in the website should be geared towards one specific goal.

In this blog, we will outline precisely what this means when it comes to designing and building a useful and cost-effective website.

What Is the Most Important Rule in Web Design?

Whenever I sit down with a client, I work out precisely what they need the website to achieve. Once this is clear, each and every decision made about the design and functionality of the website has to be catered towards this. This is the only way to ensure maximum return on investment.

What Is the Most Important Rule in Web Design?

In order to make the entire process smoother, it is helpful if you can pin down precisely what you want the website to do for your business during our first meeting. For example:

  • Display your products in an attractive light.
  • Encourage visitors to leave their details for later follow-up.
  • Influence shoppers to hit the buy button and make a purchase.
  • Provide information about your business and its service.

These are just a few of the many goals that a website can meet, but they can only do so effectively if this is kept in mind throughout the entire creation process.

In the following paragraphs, we will show how these objectives can influence the design.

Showcasing a Work/Service

For our first example, we will consider a business which offers a quality service such as kitchen fitting or joinery. In these cases, the work will sell itself, and the goal of the website is to allow visitors to have a clear and attractive view of projects the business has carried out.

As a result, these sites should generally be more image-focused rather than text-heavy. After all, if your company has installed a tailor-fit, bespoke, and trendy kitchen to an incredible standard, then high-quality images of the work will say more than any amount of reading.

To be clear, that is not to say that there should be no text on the website, only that the focus should primarily be image-based.

Selling a Product

If your goal is to sell a product in the form of an e-commerce website, then every single pixel of the website should contribute to guiding visitors towards making a purchase. This involves a few important processes:

  • Showcasing the product attractively
  • Providing a simple method of making a purchase
  • Offering a secure method of payment, giving confidence

It is no secret that internet users are fickle, and many web browsers can be put off by even the slightest inconvenience when spending their money. This is especially true if competitors sell the exact same product.

Ensuring a smooth purchase process is absolutely crucial when it comes to ensuring that an e-commerce site provides the maximum potential for profit and profit growth.

Gaining Details and Leads

Many enterprises want their websites to provide them with customer details that they can use in order to secure business. However, many design choices have to be made in order to ensure that you receive as many leads as possible.

Firstly, the contact form has two main criteria:

  • Simple – As mentioned, internet users are very easily put off by even the slightest inconvenience. If a contact form is not smooth and fluid to use, then you are guaranteed to miss out on leads.
  • Prominent – If the contact form is ever difficult to find on a website then the designer has failed. No matter where the visitor has clicked, the contact form should be in their line of vision, encouraging them to leave details or apply for a free quotation etc.

Again, putting a contact form on a website is not enough when it comes to acquiring leads; every aspect of the website should be guiding potential clients towards filling it in.

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Put simply, the most important thing that a web designer has to remember is that every decision made should help achieve the objective required by the client.

As an experienced professional you can rely on me to follow my advice, securing an absolute optimum return on your investment in order to promote growth and increased profit.

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