Running a small business is not easy, and despite our best intentions many of us struggle to find the time to focus on our website when other challenges come up. However, I have had a fun idea for lent that will test your discipline while boosting your business!

I think that we should try taking on a new task rather than giving something up. In this article, I’ll make the argument that we should take on three new habits this lent!

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Three Web Goals to Set for Lent

Here are three major steps you can take towards improving your website:

  • Try to improve your online traffic
  • Write regular blog posts
  • Organise bespoke pictures

Three Web Goals to Set for Lent

Market Your Site

There is a big misunderstanding amongst people who do not work with the web that just having a site is enough to boost yourself to the top of Google. People think that even a tiny café in a small town will fly to the top of search rankings just by existing.

However, this is rarely if ever the case.

Having a stylish and effective new website is half the battle, but you will still need to find some way to encourage visitors to your site.

Firstly, you can have some digital marketing carried out. At NJ Graphics, I provide a number of different options including a very effective SEO service.

Digital marketing requires expertise, and there are a lot of ineffective disingenuous services out there that won’t provide the same return on investment that I can offer.

Another method is effective but assumed by many to be old fashioned; physical marketing. If you own a fish and chips shop, for example, you can hand out hundreds of leaflets in the local area encouraging potential customers to go onto your website.

Another method can be even more lucrative. You can offer some form of carrot on a stick, such as a discount code or any other kind of deal.

Steady and Scheduled Blogging

When I am having a preliminary meeting with clients, many people decide that they want the capability to blog on the site. A lot of business owners overestimate their ability to set aside time to unleash their inner writer and release regular blog posts!

When life gets in the way, however, it rarely works out this way.

Again, being responsible for a business or enterprise presents a number of different challenges that will take precedence over blogging. A blog that has been abandoned, however, is a terrible look for your business and will affect your SEO rankings.

If you have the capability of blogging on your website, make sure to create a schedule for lent and stick with it. If you have to ask an employee for some help, don’t be afraid to!

Get Some Custom Photos Taken!

Stock photography serves an important purpose in web design and can often look very striking. However, the power of photography taken specifically for your business should not be underrated.

Get Some Custom Photos Taken!

Using stock photography is a crucial element of web design without near-endless budgets, but there are limitations. If you have your own photos that are specific to your own business, then you can add a personal, considered, and classy touch to your site that differentiates you from competitors.

If you own a pest control company with a collection of vans skinned up with your branding, make sure they feature on your site rather than some generic stock photo.

If you are in the food industry, it is vital that you show off your own produce. There is no excuse for stock images; get your own taken and let your work sell itself.

Many people spend a significant amount of money on their office or workspace, but it never sees the light of day. Have some pictures of your premises taken; you will be surprised how many people are impressed by this.

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Don’t get me wrong; I am not suggesting for a moment that you give up other good lent practices like eating healthier or giving up alcohol to focus on your site! But I have faith that you will be able to handle both, improving your own health as well as your company’s website!

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