Many of my clients regularly delay their own projects because I need to wait on them to deliver text for the site. This is entirely understandable; after all, you have a business to take care of and sitting down to write isn’t necessarily your priority.

With that said, everyone eventually gets around to writing it eventually, and so you might want some advice to do an excellent job of it. With a few pointers, you can make sure that you get the content finished and on its way to me as soon as possible so I can finish your site.

Otherwise, there is also the option of employing a professional copywriter. Give me a call today 01501 797 061 to discuss how a professionally designed website can help your business.

Writing Content for Your Website

There is no one in a better position to write about your business than you. You have built it from the ground up and understand the day-to-day details better than anyone. However, there are still a few rules that you should keep in mind:

How Long? – The amount of content you will need to write is determined in part by the industry you are in. Some companies might be more image-led with short, sales-focused content. Others might be more complex, and you will require numerous paragraphs to get your message across.

A typically solid average to aim for is around 350-500 words. When you get to this length, Google will start to take notice and give extra ‘ranking’ credit when it comes to the hierarchy of search engine results.

Writing Content for Your Website

How Should I Structure It? – The main thing you have to consider when writing for an internet reader is that they do not have a lot of patience. The most crucial information needs to be at the top or else it is in real danger of being ignored.

Just keep in mind that any accessory or ultimately surplus to requirement information does not belong pride of place; only put information that will help meet your aim here.

What Style Should I Write in? – Remember, you aren’t at university or writing for some scientific journal. Make sure that all of the information is as simple and easily-understandable as you can so that any potential customer can appreciate it.

For example:

Make sure you use simple and straightforward language. 

Ensure one employs the most plain and uncomplicated authorship as feasible. X

Also, make sure that you write in short paragraphs in order to encourage readers to move on; big blocks of text will only serve to turn people away.

What Is a Call to Action? – Remember, your website is ultimately a selling tool, and this should be reflected in your content. By all means, provide extensive information, but make sure a sale is at the heart of the message.

A convincing and sales-focused call to action encouraging the reader to indulge your company should feature at the beginning and end of the content, regardless of whether that is a purchase, a booking, or even just filling in some contact details.

Can a Professional Copywriter Help?

When all said and done, ultimately you have a company to run and of your countless responsibilities writing content might not be your top one. However, there is no getting away from the fact that your site still needs content!

Many people decide that they should employ a professional copywriter to expedite the whole process. However, you can also be sure that the content you receive will ensure that everything is structured properly for the internet.

Copywriting isn’t particularly expensive, and it means that you can get your website on time and making conversions as quickly as possible. All you will need to do is to check the text before sending it to me to make sure it is fair and accurate.

Copywriters can vary wildly when it comes to quality, and not all writers are capable of delivering solid content for every business. Give me a call today on 01501 797 061 for advice on how to source a copywriter that is right for your business.

Alternatively, fill in my contact form, and I’ll give you a call as soon as possible.