There are far too many websites around for Google to inspect them individually. Instead, a machine will scan your site and judge it accordingly using a sophisticated algorithm. This algorithm will take a few things into account, but one of the most significant factors is content.

There are a few ways in which you can change your content in order to make it more appealing to Google, boosting your search ranking. We will have a look at these techniques in this blog.

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Write as Much Content as Possible

There are a number of factors in play when Google starts to rank websites. One of the most significant attributes which it analyses is content. If all of the material is considered of equal quality, then the site with more of it will have a higher rank.

Add Pictures and Videos

Google ranks its websites according to what it believes will offer searchers the quickest and most complete answers. As a result, if your site only has three or four pages with very little content written on them, Google will essentially ignore them.

When it comes to word count, it largely depends on how much general competition you have. However, a general guideline would be as follows:

Good = 350-500 words

Great = 750 words

Excellent = 1000 words

After all, who knows your business or industry better than you? Take some pride in your work and start expanding your content today!

Implement Keywords

Keywords help to inform Google of precisely what you are writing about. Although the Google machines that scan your website are sophisticated, naturally they don’t have a full understanding of the English language. Keywords help Google to categorise your webpage for future searches.

For instance, you might own an organic food shop in Livingston. A useful keyword for you might be “organic food Livingston” for example.

However, it might not always be as simple as this. It is vital that you carry out research to find out precisely what people are actually searching for. What you might search for could be different from the next person, and so on.

People are quite clued up and know that they have to put in minimal effort for Google to find a result for them. As a result, people will not search something like “cheap living room decorator south Edinburgh”, it is much more likely they will just search “painter decorator Edinburgh”.

It is crucial that you don’t assume what keywords are correct; do proper research.

Utilise H Tags

Again, Google algorithms aren’t perfect and appreciate some help. H tags help to map out the content on your website, informing the scanning machines what sections of text are for what, and so on. H1 is a title, H2 is essential, and H5 will probably be optional accessory information.

The most important information on the page should be under the H2 tag. The title should be posed as a question or an answer to a question which people are likely to ask Google.

As an example, if you were trying to rank for someone searching “How do I tie my shoelaces?” You could have an H2 tag which reads “How do I tie my shoelaces?” or “How to tie your shoes”.

H2 tags are vital to getting your content to the top of Google, and can be used in conjunction with pictures and video…

Add Pictures and Videos

As mentioned, Google appreciates textual content, but it knows that people using its service will also benefit from images and videos. Implementing this into your website copy will mean that the Google algorithm will favour it.

We can create something called a “content sandwich” using the H2 tags and media. For example, how often have you Googled something and seen this at the top of the results?

Add Pictures and Videos

This is achieved by structuring your content in the following manner:

H2 Tag

Short informative paragraph or list

Picture or Video

Google knows it can package this information up neatly for anyone searching for it and such prioritises it. Give it a go, and there is a chance you will jump right to the top of Google.

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