When it comes to website design, many people make the mistake of prioritising fancy design at the expense of functionality. Designers will spend every second on the project making it look fantastic, without taking a moment to consider whether or not it is actually fit for purpose.

While all of my websites look fantastic, I also take the time to make sure they are precisely in line with your unique aims and objectives.

In this blog, we will look at exactly goes into successful web design, and what I can offer you in terms of a finished product.

Optimised and Fast

A beautiful website will do nothing for you if the designer hasn’t got the basics right. Unfortunately, this is much more common than you might expect.

There are specific steps that have to be taken in order to optimise a site for use. These are incredibly important, as web users are very fickle. For example, over 50% of web users will abandon a website if it takes over three seconds to load.

With NJ Graphics I make sure that every step is taken to streamline your site so that everything loads as quickly as possible. With a lightning fast site, you can be sure your visitors will have a fluid experience and will not be frustrated into leaving.

Optimised and Fast


By building a website from scratch, I have absolute control over each and every pixel on the screen. This means that every centimetre of the site can be geared towards achieving your specific goals.

If you want an e-commerce site to sell your product, for example, I will make sure that every feature works towards securing a sale. The product will be presented attractively, all of the relevant information will be easily viewable, reviews will be pride of place, and the buy button will be screaming out for attention.

If the objective of your site is to gain customer details, then the contact form will be effective and centre of attention. If you need a brochure site to display your work, then it will give a seamless and accurate representation of the fantastic service you can provide.

In short, when you have an objective in mind, it is not enough to just ‘look good’.

Responsive Design

Another necessary aspect of website design that so many designers overlook is the need to make a website responsive. When the internet started to take off, designers could generally design a website for screens of one size. Everyone browsed the internet on a desktop, with monitors of the same dimensions.

In the modern era, however, people browse the internet on devices of all shapes and sizes. From phones with screens anywhere from 4-8 inches, large tablets, laptops of all sizes, televisions; even fridges can have smart capabilities!

Many designers today will design a site for their screen, without considering how it will look on mobile or any other screen size. This means that no matter how beautiful it is to them, no one else will see it that way.

All of my websites are responsive as standard. This means that the site will adapt as necessary to work perfectly and look fantastic on every style of device. Whether your web visitor is browsing from a huge screen at home or their iPhone on the commute to work, they will enjoy the same flawless experience.

GDPR Ready

Personal information is becoming an increasingly controversial topic. After the whole Facebook scandal, people are waking up to the fact that businesses who do not have our best intentions in mind yet know lots of personal things about us.

GDPR Ready

The European Union in response has introduced new legislation which offers new regulations on how you can deal with people’s data. Not only do you have to make it very clear to people what you will use their data for, but you also have to be clear on what they are signing up for.

Additionally, you have to keep their data secure. Any breaches which are a result of your oversights or mistakes will not be tolerated.

Failure to comply with these new regulations can lead to hefty fines and punishments. I am qualified to make your site in compliance with GDPR, protecting your business from easily-avoidable and unwelcome legal repercussions.

Get in Touch!

As you can see, there is a lot more to a successful website than just looking good. Obviously, attractive design is a significant part of a good site, and a big reason as to why my work excels is my ability to mesh functionality and aesthetics.

Websites are essential to virtually every business regardless of the industry you are in; make sure you are dealing with the best.

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